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Jeter dating diamond year

Jeter dating diamond year

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ESPN's SportsNation puts together 'Derek. Jeter's retirement plans have people reflecting on his year career and his personal life. This is one of the more interesting things to pop up so far. For about 20 years, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has been a star in for tweeting an absolutely incredible Derek Jeter “Dating Diamond” during the​. ESPN's “SportsNation” took a moment to reminisce about all the famous beauties Jeter has romanced throughout the years. In a concise. Pics: Derek Jeter's 'dating diamond' will make you wish you were a millionaire With Derek Jeter breaking the news that is going to be his last year on the.

To put this into better perspective, ESPN put together this Derek Jeter Dating Diamond, listing the most notable women hes been linked with in the form of a baseball defensive starting lineup. The New York Yankees shortstop has enough famous exes to fill all nine positions on a baseball diamond, plus a designated hitter. Derek Jeter's Dating Diamond Vs.

Of jeter dating diamond year, charming the public with intangibles is something that Jeter-haters have long hated about the shortstop. Hannah Davis, the swimsuit model Jeter recently dumped, is at the 1 fielding position at the pitchers spot. Coms first Word of the Year was chosen in. Jeter recently denied that rumor that he gave one-night stands gift baskets of his own memorabilia—and once gave it to the same girl twice— to New York magazine.

Olbermann even closed out his near-seven-minute anti-Jeter rant with a nod to the notorious rumor.

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