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Sudarium of oviedo carbon dating

Sudarium of oviedo carbon dating

Mark Guscin Sudarium of Oviedo

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Unlike the Shroud, the Sudarium, which covered the face of Christ for a short time before the body was wrapped in the longer burial cloth, does not carry an image of a man. These measurements and calculations, digitized videos and carbon dating forensic evidence indicate that the Sudarium of Oviedo covered the same head whose image is found on the Shroud of Turin.

The sudarium, from the Latin for "face cloth," would have been wrapped over the head of the crucified Christ awaiting sudarium oviedo from Pontius Pilate to remove the body. The composition of the stains, say the Investigation Team from the Spanish Centre for Sindology, who began the first sudarium studies inis one part blood -- type AB -- and six parts pulmonary oedema fluid.

Whanger found 70 points of correlation on the front of the sudarium and 50 on the back. Specific pollens from Palestine are found in both relics, while the Sudarium has pollen from Egypt and Spain that is not found on the Shroud.

Conversely, pollen grains from plant species indigenous to Turkey are imbedded in the Shroud, but not the Sudarium, supporting the theory of their different histories after leaving Jerusalem. While the history of the Shroud is veiled in the mists of the Middle Ages, the Sudarium was a revered relic preserved from the days of the crucifixion. Passing through Alexandria, Egypt, and into Spain at Cartegena, the oak chest containing the Sudarium was entrusted to Leandro, bishop of Seville.

The most riveting date in the Sudarium's history is March 14, This official act of the king was recorded and the document is preserved in the Capitular Archives at the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo.

These modern stromatolites are remarkably sudarium of oviedo carbon dating to the ancient stromatolites which provide evidence of some of the earliest life on Earth.

The carbon dating of the Sudarium of Oviedo. Mark Guscin has written in the article 'The Second International Conference on the. – radiocarbon dates do not correspond with the date of the Shroud is the radiocarbon dates, as the Sudarium of Oviedo is dated to.

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