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How to tell your dad your dating someone

How to tell your dad your dating someone


Step back and take an objective look at who your partner is to your family. If you think they're just being too harsh or irrational, then you need to find a way to hold your ground without damaging your relationship with them.

Hold Your Boundaries Andrew Zaeh for Bustle Your parents and your partner can not get along and still all be incredibly important people in your life. You need to hold your boundaries.

You can't let the fact that there's animosity between them stop you from living your life.

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Well obviously, if you tell your parents that you're dating someone, they're going to have a load of questions for you. Be sure to prepare yourself. You're dating someone new, and everything is going ah-mazing. All your friends are well aware of your budding romance, and you've even. Telling your parents you're in a new relationship should always be handled with also a chance for you to care about someone other than yourself. have a hard time arguing that you're not mature enough to seriously date.

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